Frequently Asked Questions

Dropshipping is a method in which you as the seller do not need to keep products in your inventory, instead you work with NicheDropShipping,We source products from China, take care of quality control, branding package and we send the products directly to your buyers.

For Example:

  • You sell school bags on eBay or shopify dropshipping for $60
  • A customer from United States (Tom) buys a School Bag from your dropshipping store.
  • You contact Nichepik and provide us the shipping details of Tom.
  • You pay Nichepik $15 for the product & Shipping, and we ship the school bag to Tom.
  • Your gross margin is $60–15=$45
  • Dropshipping with us is a risk-free and easiest way to start your business.
  • A dropshipping agent or dropshipping our team is someone like who helps you take care of Product sourcing, price negotiation, quality inspection, branded packaging, private label & white label service, free warehousing and order fulfillment with fully integrated API or ERP to your Shopify store to fulfill your orders automatically to your worldwide customers, No CSV required. is a sourcing agent and dropshipping fulfillment company in China. We can help you source products from China at the best possible price while maintaining the best possible quality. To start a business with dropshipping, you can simply submit your sourcing request here. You can send us the Aliexpress link, Amazon Link, 1688 product link or any product URL, product pictures with your target price and your shipping destination. We will handle the rest for you.

    While you have stock in our warehouse, we ship out in 24H once receive your orders in ERP

    Yes,we can put your thank you card or branding card into the parcel, and we also work with packing factories to help you customized your branding package.

    95% of the parcel will arrive in 3-10 days. We are constantly seeking for the fastest while price competive lane for dropshippers.

    We have a minimum of 10 orders per day, per product. If you do not have the daily volume yet but are confident about your product, we can also work with you if you initially commit financially to the equivalent of 30 orders to get started.

    The time it takes to prepare a quote depends highly on the product itself. We typically respond in 24H, but sometimes it may take longer, and we may reach out for additional questions. The reason we might take longer is that for every product we call the factory (rather than just source on Alibaba) to ensure we start with a good relationship and ensure the best quality of the products sourced.

    We quote you on the total order cost, including the product cost and shipping cost for each country. There are no additional hidden fees on top of these costs.

    We ask for you to pay for roughly ~3-5 days worth of orders upfront (or 500 orders worth if you choose that route). Once you send us the confirmation screenshot of the payment we will start ordering inventory for you. However, we cannot start fulfillment until the payment arrives at our account (usually 2-5 days, depending on the country)

    This is NOT a deposit - once we start fulfilling we will continue to calculate as your balance draws down in a shared google sheet. Once your balance gets too low or negative our team will let you know. As long as you make another transfer (and provide us the screenshot) within one business day we will continue to stock inventory and fulfill it for you.

    Yes, once you are ready to take a generic product to the next level, we can work directly with the factory to customize every component or feature to your liking, or based on your customer feedback. We help to customize products one individual component at a time so that you get the best return from your investment. Pricing, lead time, and MOQ depends on exactly what you wish to do, but we consistently negotiate some of the best prices and production schedules for our clients.

    Yes. In fact that is how we achieve faster efficiency than other agents - we purchase inventory in bulk given your current and projected daily orders so we can fulfill as fast as possible as your orders come in.

    We always source from large, established factories with a strong track record, and make sure that they have in place proper QC (quality control) processes. Additionally, we conduct our own QC to ensure that the products we are shipping out are of high quality.

    Sometimes though, especially for newer products on the market, there may be some unforeseen defects. In these cases please provide us your customer feedback and we will continue to iterate with our factory to ensure constant improvements to make sure you have the best version of the product currently on the market.

    Maybe, probably not. We operate a high end service and have very high operational costs associated with our process and we charge a (reasonable) premium for our services.

    If you are looking for the cheapest prices possible, then we are not a good fit. However, if you are looking for the best partner to help your business scale massively and care about quality, efficiency, and transparent communications, then we are the perfect fit.

    Due to very high demand for our services we have a waiting list for new quotes and are highly selective about who we work with. Fill out our form with as much information as possible and we will get back to you if you are a good fit.

    Our team will provide you with a detailed listing of all items shown in the photos. These prices include transportation to the delivery point. Prices will be subject to adjustment at the commencement of each new Agreement/Year. You will pay all fees and charges incurred with each item shipped by our team directly to the End. The Drop Shipping Fee is included in the price quoted for each item.

    You agree that it is the sole responsibility of you to collect, report and remit all taxes to the correct tax authority for all business transactions, sales or revenue stemming from the sales of our team’s products. you further agrees that our team is not obligated to determine whether a sales tax applies and is not responsible to collect report or remit any tax information arising from any transaction involving the images or photos provided.

    Our team will provide a 30-day return policy during which an End Customer may return an item that is undamaged, unworn, with tags still attached (at their own expense).

    You are responsible to provide the correct address. our team will charge you any and all fees associated with a wrong address is provided. If the apartment/suite number is not included or a wrong postal code is provided and reshipping is required, there will be a re-shipping charge equal to the original shipping charge added to you’s account. There will be a 25% restocking fee for all packages returned to our team because of a bad address being supplied.

    If you becomes aware of any claim or potential claim in respect of defective Product liability arising from a delivery of any Products it shall immediately inform our team in writing providing all necessary information/documentation to enable our team to take any appropriate action. you may require our team to give all reasonable assistance, at our team’s cost, to enable to defend both their reputation. you shall not, without the prior written authorization of our team settle any such claim.

    During the course of business between you and our team confidential information related to your or our team’s business need to stay confidential. Such confidential information may include market prices, unique visitor’s website, inventory levels, product features and pricing and anticipated new products, our team sales practices and programs. you agrees that the confidential information will be used solely for the purpose of conducting business with our team. you must not disclose or distribute any confidential information to any competitor of our team or to any other third party without the express written consent of our team. All images of all products supplied by our team, including images on our team’s web site and its catalogue DVD, Blue-ray, are the exclusive property of our team. You may use these images only in connection with the sale of our team’s products and only in compliance with any policies or terms stated by our team. No other use or distribution is permitted, and you may not use our team’s images in connection with the sale of products from any person or entity other than our team. Prices and product availability are subject to change, and important changes need to be shared with you in advance. By placing an order, you accepts all our team’s terms and policies set forth in this Agreement. Our team reserves the right to modify any of the terms of this Agreement with notice to you.

    Our team prides itself on providing the best service in order fulfillment, and for your peace of mind we guarantee the following:

  • Any products damaged or broken on arrival will be resent by us
  • Any packages that are completely lost in transit will be resent by us
  • What we do not guarantee:

  • Any packages that are lost in customs
  • Packages lost because the buyer inputted their addresses incorrectly
  • Packages lost / returned because the buyer refused the package for whatever reason and marked returned to sender
  • Packages not deliverable because buyer was not able to receive the package after multiple attempts
  • Products that become defective after prolonged usage
  • Packages that arrive after the expected shipping time during periods of unexpected delays (logistics chain disruptions, extraordinary events, etc.)
  • For parcel which costs(product cost + shipping fee + handling cost) over 15USD, We do not provide resent gurantee.We suggest customer to set up shipping insurance fee on these products to lower the risk and avoid losing money.

    Generally we cannot send products that are over 60cm in length, batteries or battery packs by themselves, liquids over 100ml, or other hazardous materials

    Yes, we can provide invoices on past payments and / or order costs according to your local accounting needs.

    However, please note that we do NOT provide invoices prior to your payment. It makes the fulfillment much less efficient and slows everything down.

    We provide tracking numbers to you AFTER we received your payment to lock the payment from paypal. the order can be processed and shipped out later once we get stock(in 3 days for the inital batch). unlike many other agents who might provide you tracking numbers long before the product is even shipped. We can follow strict rules that upload tracking only the order is shipped out. You can choose as you like.

    No. We only work with high volume clients that we individual source and purchase products for. To protect their privacy we have a very strict policy of not recommending products.

    We have been working with them since we start our business, Besides them, we have developed a bunch of our teams who has fast and stable delivery time to different countries.

    We start from dozens of orders per day and are capable of handling thousands of orders per day now, We grow step by step and keep improving our fulfillment system to much more efficient and accurate(less error) mordern system, our WMS system will keep everything trackable and running in an efficient way.

    Before we start working together, we will quota you price with everything included on each SKU, You might pay us beforehand to buy stock or arrange payment according to your orders coming in, We will source after received you payment, You can pay via Paypal(Friend and Family Pay), Transferwise, Payoneer and wire transfer as you like.

    Fast delivery and reliable, stable performance. We know very well dropshipping is about keeping the momentum of your ads and store going when you finally find your winning product,Fast and reliable delivery will dramaticlly desrease your risk of get into customer complains and claims, thus to keep the health of your ads account and the store, as well as your cash flow(If shopify or paypal hold your money, you will be probably forced to stop because lack of cash). If you choose cheap Epacket lane but you know you can not scale with their delivery time. We provide best price for best service.

    Our primary fulfillment center is based in Shenzhen, China with some oversea fulfillment center in German,UK and FR.

    We fulfill orders from Monday to Saturday except on national Chinese holidays when our couriers do not operate.

    We typically respond to all client communications Monday to Saturday and urgent issues on Sundays. And, Each clients will be allocated a sales manager for 1 to 1 service to respond to questions.

  • Its not a get rich scheme. It takes months of hard work before you see success.
  • Don't do business based upon emotion. You may love a product but the figures don't lie.
  • Read Facebook's guidelines and when contacting their support be very very nice to them. This is to prevent Facebook ad account bans.
  • Call PayPal all the time. Say I'm scaling tomorrow, I'm calling PayPal today. If you keep PayPal in the loop, they are way less likely to put a hold on your account.
  • Shopify holds will hurt your cash flow, so make sure to implement the correct methods to ensure you don't get them.
  • Get into a routine and set specific goals. We have a goal to test a store every single day. Consistency is the key to fast success.
  • If you don't enjoy a certain job, get a VA to do it. A VA is a virtual assistant who is usually available for a good rate that can do so many different tasks.
  • If you are gonna start with say £500 be prepared to lose that money. When I say lose, technically you won't have lost it, you will have used it to gain knowledge.
  • Loose your emotional attachment to money. Knowledge and time it way more valuable than any sum of money. Forget about the small money and you will make the big money.
  • Test and test and test and test and test and test. Yeah test. When we say test and keep testing that means even if you are comfortable in your current position do not stop trying new things and never get complacent. You will soon lose momentum and then have to work 10x harder with no motivation.
  • Do not have a biased opinion on products. Look at products as objectively as possible otherwise you may not test that 7 figure winner.
  • Drop-shipping is for the medium to long term. Do not expect to open a store then magically get sales.
  • Just start. - You can research for hours and hours. But the best way to learn is to start and do the practical and learn from your own mistakes.
  • A theme people keep getting stuck on is the requirement to use aliexpress. While aliexpress is a great starting point and has some excellent features, it also has some large negatives that can be avoided by using other dropshipping fulfillment agents like us.

    How long is a piece of rope? Typically however, I would say 3 hours research, 5 hours to build your website, 3 hours to run your first ads and test them, and 1 minute per order to process them + about 2 hours per 100 orders customer service.

    OBVIOUSLY NOT - I have no doubt over 95% of people fail. They fail however because they don't treat it like a proper business. It takes effort and work - unless you are copying someone else, you need to put some thought into it. Most people suck, skip important steps, never try more than one niche / site, and are afraid to spend $100-$150 on ads to test a product.

    Shopify = free 90 day trial. App the apps you need have free trials. You can get free 30 day trial of gsuite (for your business email). Traffic can be free if you know how to get it, and paid traffic is typically $10 a day per product you want to test.

    In summary - any niche can make money. Literally everything you can see right now, someone has made millions selling it. It is just your job to do the marketing correctly.

    Home, FAQ, Collections, About us, Guarantees, Contact Us. Keep it simple. Make your FAQ AMAZING!

    Start with stripe by shopify, and paypal. Paypal increases conversion noticeably, but are known for slapping you with bans when you start doing lots of sales.

    Spam (naughty naughty), posting content on free message sites (forums, fb groups), asking friends for shoutouts, SEO, and on and on.

    Instagram if your product is flashy and is targeting 14-30 year olds. Facebook if your product is not flashy / you are targeting older people. (This is general advice, obviously to know, test everything)

  • your payment gatewat is set up incorrectly. Double check your payment gateway is working. Put your product to $1 and buy it yourself to see.
  • your ads suck.
  • your site sucks.
  • your product sucks.
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