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Product sourcing, Warehousing, quality Inspecting and logistic solutions

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We are a group of experts in different sectors, Sourcing, Logistics and fulfillment center management. To work smartly and efficiently, we are here to set the industry standards. Working with us, you will be better performed compared to your competitor


We are under Promax Sourcing, an 8 years Sourcing company provide solutions to Bulk buyers. Our core business is finding reliable and price competitive suppliers in China. Our expertise is the guaranty of a successful beginning of your business


We are working with more than 30 lanes to make sure every parcel can be delivered to the end customer within a reasonable time. We focused on special lanes and especially those stable and fastest lanes. Fast delivery matters and it will help you scale.


Modern fulfillment warehouse equipped with WMS system which is less error, faster processing. We can easily handle multi SKU fulfillment and daily high volumes, No matter you are working with top influencers or run crowdfunding campaigns.

What Our Clients Saying

When you are looking for complete solutions with your dropshippping business, Nichepik has all that things to help grow your store.

  • Provide The Best Service To Our Users

    " I am very very happy with the service. They always try to find solutions for my problems and very quickly. So I really recommend.

    I had many many questions about my products and it was hard to find my products and my agent always find a solution for me so do not hesitate "

  • Achieve Success For The Long Term

    " I made some dropshipping store and start my own brand and for that I have found Merry from Promaxsourcing Inc.(Nichepik is a branch from it) to work,and it was definitly the best partner to work with.

    She found my products, She helped me to grow and I am very very satisfied to work with them. They are the best and I am very happy and thanks so much Merry "

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We currently working with top players in different sectors to provide the best services to our customers