Packing & Shipping

Numbers Do the Talking! Our solutions often help sellers double their sales with fast shipping, with some sellers seeing an increase of 300% to 900% in sales.

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Our Service

Your Reliable Order Fulfillment Partner

Nichepik is a tech-powered fulfillment company based in HK and mainland China. With 13 years experience since 2011, we offer the best end-to-end global fulfillment solution and service for cross-border ecommerce sellers(Shopify and other marketplaces seller fulfillment ) , crowdfunding campaigns and dropshipping business.

Our service include supply-chain optimization, order fulfillment, quality control and brand upgrading service. Take your business to the next level and provide value; that is what we believe in.

Supply-chain optimization

10000+ hours sourcing expert to help costdown by supply-chain optimization

Order Fullfilment

60+ global lines, 20+ oversea warehouse to speed up your order delivery, as short as 3 days

Quality Control

A quick check on every product sent out, to dramaticly lower return rate

Branding & Customization

Customized products/Logo/package to level up your business as well as better consumer experience

Our Latest Delivery Time

As we know fast shipping delivery is the ultimate key to win customer’s trust to build a reliable business. And what is more important, to protect your ads from shutting down.

How We Works

Hassle-free order processing solutions

All-inclusive pricing with no long term contracts or hidden fees, so you know your costs day 1. All set down in minutes and start order processing in 3 days.


ERP Supported Platforms

Auth ERP in your store under 2 minutes, connect any sales channel, and enjoy complete automation as Nichepik syncs with your channels.

Our Services

Modern Ecommerce Fulfillment

Fast and Affordable Fulfillment, Accelerate your Shopify, Woo-commerce and Bigcommerce sales

Lower return

Save you time and money dealing with customer service, improve customers satisfacsion with your brand, always impress your customer with wow products and improve remarketing sucessful rate.

Competitive price

Provide more value to your customers with competitive price, give them a price that they can hardly reject. Lower the sourcing cost of your business and less cost for more profit.

Prompt Delivery

Promot delivery give off your customer a good impression with the first interaction between you and client. That would definitely improve the likelihood of the customer buying again.

Brand awareness

Establishes trust with your customers, creates positive associations, and builds invaluable brand equity that allows your brand to become a household name and consumer staple

Clients Opinion

Best Dropshipping Platform

Switch to fast shipping in your business, and we'll take care of the rest. You'll soon see your listings transform across your sales channels!

Nichepik on Trustpilot - Reviews from top players in dropshipping

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Payment Gateway

Our Supported Payment Method

We support the most popular payment gateways in the market to simplify the transctions for your business

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